HR Consulting

To avoid the quagmire of Kenyan labour laws, you need to get the basics right: At Goldspace Consulting we will take away the worry of dealing with industrial relations issues. We offer advice, guidance and the assistance you need to take swift and appropriate action, fairly and within the bounds of the Kenyan labour law. You focus on running and building your business with the peace of mind knowing that Goldspace Consulting Consultants expertise is on hand to assist you with any industrial relations challenges. Main areas include;

  • Legal Compliance – HR Policies and Procedures including Disciplinary and Grievance, Redundancy and Dismissal, Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks. We formulate, enhance and make them effective
  • HR Administration – the paperwork that has to support your processes, policies and procedures is critical as well
  • Employee Relations – your organization’s relationship and management style of staff is critical and sometimes needs some support
  • Disciplinary Matters – sometimes it’s just better to part ways, we assist with these situations.
  • Performance management – the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the business.
  • Occupational Safety and Health – your workplace should meet statutory requirements and be safe for employees to work.
  • Business Effectiveness and HR Audit – by completing one or more of our complimentary HR Audit questionnaires we can help you to identify your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses

Skills development – training is an important component to ensure employees’ skills are developed to match with the changing needs of your organization

We help our clients improve their performance management practices by developing performance metrics, designing performance management systems, and providing training to managers and employees.

We conduct HR audits to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of our clients’ HR practices. Our audit process includes reviewing policies and procedures, conducting employee interviews, and analyzing HR metrics.

We work with our clients to develop HR strategies that align with their business objectives and help them achieve their goals. This includes analyzing their HR function identifying gaps and opportunities, and developing actionable plans to improve their HR practices.

We assist our clients in creating a positive and engaging workplace culture by developing employee engagement programs, conducting employee surveys, and providing feedback and recommendations to management.

We help our clients develop and update their HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as industry best practices.

Talent Management: We provide talent management services that help our clients attract, develop, and retain top talent. This includes recruitment and selection, succession planning, leadership development, and training and development programs.


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