Training and Team Building

We provide business with soft skills training in the areas of management, leadership, frontline and personal skills.

Our facilitators are all practicing specialists in their fields with sound academic backgrounds; this ensures that our customers have access to extensive experience and up-to-date expertise. We place a high premium on their ability to relate knowledge and facilitate practical learning, ensuring that employees are able to apply what they have learned when they return to the workplace.

Our main focus is on-site training; this enables companies to develop their staff on the issues and skills relevant to their business. However, as there are always one or two people within an organization who need individual training or have recently joined the company, we also present ad-hoc public training courses from time to time.

In keeping with our aim to provide companies and people with relevant and up-to-date training, and to develop the individual’s ability to grow the company, we emphasize the importance of assessing the real training needs within an organization. For this purpose, we consult extensively with all our clients and are able to conduct accurate training needs analysis within any organization.

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